frequently asked QUESTIONS

A separate consultation is required if you had previous cosmetic tattooing or if you are unsure about the procedure and have further questions.

Do I need a separate consultation before getting permanent makeup?

This varies from person to person, everyone's results last a different amount of time. A colour refresh is recommended on average from 12-18 months after your initial procedure.

how long does it last?

A combination of Microblading and Powder Ombre. This method has become very popular and is great for normal to combination skin types. Microblading will be done at the front/head of the brow while Powder Ombre is done in the middle to tail sections of the brow. Suitable for all brows & skin types.

What is combo brows/micro shading?

This procedure uses a digital machine with a single needle and deposits ink under the “epidermis” layer of the skin to create a powder finish. Powder Ombré is ideal for clients who wear makeup on a daily basis and prefer lighter heads (front of the brows) and darker tails (end of the brow). All skin types work well with this method. Suitable for thin, sparse brows & all skin types. Heals best on oily skin and large pores, course brow texture & little to no brow hairs.

What is powder/ombre brows?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that uses a fine blade to implant pigment into the surface of the skin to produce very thin lines that mimic the appearance of hair strokes. These thin lines flow in the same direction as your own brow hairs and create the most natural results. This technique looks and heals best on clients with normal/dry skin types with small pores and fine evenly distributed hair within the brow area.

What is microblading?

The procedure is broken into 2 sessions and typically, results are best once both appointments are complete. The first appointment takes approximately 2.5 hours. This includes the consultation, brow mapping/shaping, skin numbing & then microblading. Touch-up appointments are approximately 1.5 hours long.

How long does the appointment take?

There is a 7-14 day healing period. During that time you will need to avoid water saturation of the brows and sweating (so no working out). Refer to the Before & aftercare instructions for specific details.

How long is the healing process?

Although microblading is a safe and low risk procedure, for your own safety and peace of mind, Lisa will not tattoo any clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you discover you are pregnant and have an appointment scheduled, please notify us so we can reschedule and make future arrangements.

Can I get Microblading if I’m pregnant or nursing?

Microblading is designed to lightly scratch the surface of the skin. This should not be painful. In addition, a topical anesthetic is used to ease any discomfort for clients. Most people rate the pain level between a 1-3 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely painful).

does it hurt?

All new clients are considered new brows with full prices due to the fact that every artist has their own style of tattooing, which can make it extremely difficult to cover. If the previous tattoo is done unevenly, or the colour has changed to an undesirable one, the process of covering up is almost always more work than a client with virgin eyebrows. All potential clients that have had previous work done must submit photos via email to for approval.

I had my brows done by a different artist, can you touch them up?

All cosmetic tattoo procedures require two sessions, an initial session to establish shape, and a perfecting session 6-12 weeks later. During your 6-12 week follow-up we can assess your pigment retention and make any adjustments needed. This follow-up also increases the longevity of your semi-permanent tattoo.
Healed results will vary on different factors individually. Additional touch-ups may be required to achieve optimal results. 

Do I need to come back for a touch-up appointment?

Brows will appear darker and bolder immediately and a few days after the appointment. During healing, they will lighten 30-40% and shrink in size. 
Healing takes approximately 4-5 weeks. As your skin naturally exfoliates and regenerates, you will notice colour change, pigment disappearing, and reappearing as they settle. 
Colour may flake off and appear softer and less visible but will slowly reappear over the next few weeks. If the shedding phase is not over after 10-14 days, please continue your aftercare instructions until the shedding/scabbing is complete. It is NEVER acceptable or necessary to pick the scabs/flakes.
After the flaking/scabbing phase is over, you will notice that the colour of your pigment seems foggy and almost non-existent, THIS IS NORMAL. By week 6, your skin will regenerate and the pigment will resurface.
This is all absolutely normal and why two appointments are necessary. Be patient and know that this is normal and expected during the healing process. 

What will my brows look like while they are healing?

The pigments used in cosmetic tattooing come in a variety of colours specially formulated with iron oxide, an ingredient safe for the skin.

What are the pigments made of?

To keep your tattoo looking its best, avoid getting it wet until it is completely healed. Always wear sunscreen SPF 30 or higher on the tattooed area when you are exposed to the sun (after it’s healed) or it will fade much faster. Avoid exfoliating the tattooed area and never wax your brows, as it can fade the tattoo. Don’t apply skincare with retinol, acids, acne medications, or use scrubs near your tattoo.

How do I prolong the life of my eyebrow tattoo?

We accept cash, debit, credit card & gift certificates.


You can not receive cosmetic tattoos if: 
- Under 18 years old
- Pregnant or nursing
- Under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol
- Have a history of hemophilia, bleeding disorders or are on any medication that may increase bleeding.
- Undergoing chemotherapy or have undergone chemo in the past 12 months
- Diabetic
- Prone to keloid scarring
- Have any type of infection and or rash anywhere on my body
- Have sensitivities to dyes, pigments, or topical anesthetics (ex:lidocaine)
- On Accutane. You must be off the medication for a minimum of 1 year before receiving permanent makeup.

A doctor’s note is required if you have a history of Keloid scarring, HIV, an autoimmune disorder, Hepatitis, Hemophilia, Diabetes, Epilepsy, heart problems, a skin condition that enters the brow area, take blood thinners or have any medical condition that might affect the brow area to heal.

Who is NOT a good candidate for microblading?

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